Congrats to our 2017 Region 5 Honors Award Winners:     JO Athletes of the Year: Kai Rivers, Makarri Doggette, Mati Waligora, and Nia Dennis    JO Club of the Year: Legacy Elite Gymnastics    Elite Gymnast of the Year: Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati    Elite Coach of the Year: Mary Lee Tracy, Cincinnati    Elite Ambassador Team: Leah Clapper, Gym America; Lilly Lippeatt,, Cincinnati; Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati; Shania Adams, Buckeye    Horizon Award: Gym Corner, IL     Contributor of the Year: Lori Koch, Region 5 Training Camp Chairman    2017 Hall of Fame Inductees: Dan Miller, Bobbi Montanari, Dianne Durham
2017 Region 5 Honors Awards Banquet
All Access: Workout with Premier West's Level 10's
Coaches Wired: Nanci Moore, Bay Valley | Purposeful Movement
2017 PG Championships Podium Training Highlights

2017 Yahtzee Awards

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