Happy New Year Region 5!    Congrats to our 2018 Nastia Liukin Cup Qualifiers: Makarri Doggette (Buckeye), Jacey Vore (JPAC), Alyssa Al-Ashari (Twistars), Gabby Wilson (Olympia), Tory Vetter (Universal Gymnasts), Faith Torrez (Legacy Elite)

2017 Yahtzee Awards Voting (Part 2)

Voting for Part 2 of the 2017 Yahtzee Awards is now open!

If you missed voting for part 1 do not worry there is still plenty of time,  Click Here

Happy Voting!!!

Best Floor Choreography

Best Music

Most Entertaining

Best Performance

***Helen Hu Routine Provided by USA Gymnastics***


Best Form

Best Stick

***Stay tuned for the 3rd and final set of nominees next Wednesday***


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