Congrats to all our Region 5 athletes who signed their National Letters of Intent (NLI)    Elite Ambassador Team: Leah Clapper, Gym America; Lilly Lippeatt,, Cincinnati; Emily Gaskins, Cincinnati; Shania Adams, Buckeye

Eye On 5: Gianna Gerdes, Gym Xtreme | Role Model, Positive Energy, Embraces the Struggle

In this Eye on 5, we get to know Gym Xtreme level 10 and future Minnesota Gopher GIanna Gerdes. Gianna is a 3x JO National Qualifier and finished 10th in the AA at JO's in 2017. She is a role model for her the other gymnasts in her gym and sees that as one of her favorite opportunities with the sport. She has continued to make progress each and every year and always taking the good with the bad with her positive mind set. Learn more about one of our top Region 5 athletes.

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